The Airlie Concentrated Share Fund

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Fund Overview

Fund Overview

The Fund will actively invest in Australian equities and will look to build portfolios based on individual company analysis. Only investments in Australian listed securities will be considered. In building the investment portfolio, the Fund will seek out companies with strong balance sheets, able management, and durable businesses. Up to 50% of the Fund’s assets may be held in cash.

Investment objective

The Fund's investment objective is to outperform the S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index over rolling three-year periods.

In tandem with this objective we also aim to deliver investor a defensive portfolio that preserves capital in times of market stress.

The Airlie Concentrated Share Fund is closed to new investors. Existing investors may make additional investments to their accounts at any time.

Typical number of holdings in portfolio: 8 to 20
Maximum cash level: 50%

Fund Facts

Portfolio manager
John Sevior
Typical number of holdings
8 to 20
Maximum Cash level
Inception date
6 November 2012
S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index
Minimum investment
Minimum additional investment

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John Sevior

John Sevior

Founder and Portfolio Manager

John Sevior has a 25+ year track record of managing funds on behalf of  individuals, superannuation funds, public institutions and charitable organisations, and in 2012 founded Airlie Funds Management after 17 years at Perpetual Investments. John was Head of Equities at Perpetual Investments, responsible for the strategic direction of the equities business and oversight of all investment strategies. In addition, John was the Portfolio Manager for the Concentrated Equity strategy and the Pure Value Share strategy. John’s other roles at Perpetual Investments included Head of Australian Equities (2002-2010), Senior Portfolio Manager (1995-2002) and Equities Analyst/Assistant Portfolio Manager (1994).

Before joining Perpetual, John was a journalist with Fairfax Group, and also held roles in equity sales at Potter Warburg Securities and as a researcher at the Liberal Party of Australia.  John has a Bachelor of Arts from Melbourne University.

Unit prices

Unit Prices

Date Entry Exit
16/05/2022 1.1904 1.1868
13/05/2022 1.1908 1.1872
12/05/2022 1.1714 1.1678
11/05/2022 1.1865 1.1829
10/05/2022 1.1838 1.1802
09/05/2022 1.1866 1.1830
06/05/2022 1.1975 1.1939
05/05/2022 1.2208 1.2172
04/05/2022 1.2189 1.2153
03/05/2022 1.2215 1.2179
02/05/2022 1.2278 1.2242
29/04/2022 1.2388 1.2350
28/04/2022 1.2282 1.2246
27/04/2022 1.2154 1.2118
26/04/2022 1.2256 1.2220
22/04/2022 1.2433 1.2395
21/04/2022 1.2592 1.2554
20/04/2022 1.2570 1.2532
19/04/2022 1.2552 1.2514
14/04/2022 1.2518 1.2480
12/04/2022 1.2434 1.2396
11/04/2022 1.2457 1.2419
08/04/2022 1.2488 1.2450
07/04/2022 1.2455 1.2417
06/04/2022 1.2531 1.2493
05/04/2022 1.2568 1.2530
04/04/2022 1.2514 1.2476
01/04/2022 1.2509 1.2471
31/03/2022 1.2544 1.2506
30/03/2022 1.2621 1.2583
29/03/2022 1.2527 1.2489
28/03/2022 1.2454 1.2416
25/03/2022 1.2423 1.2385
24/03/2022 1.2406 1.2368
23/03/2022 1.2421 1.2383
22/03/2022 1.2377 1.2339
21/03/2022 1.2305 1.2269
18/03/2022 1.2328 1.2292
17/03/2022 1.2311 1.2275
16/03/2022 1.2184 1.2148
15/03/2022 1.2108 1.2072
14/03/2022 1.2153 1.2117
11/03/2022 1.2001 1.1965
10/03/2022 1.2115 1.2079
09/03/2022 1.1938 1.1902
08/03/2022 1.1834 1.1798
07/03/2022 1.1889 1.1853
04/03/2022 1.2052 1.2016
03/03/2022 1.2166 1.2130
02/03/2022 1.2078 1.2042

Invest With Us

The Airlie Concentrated Share Fund

We would like to advise that The Airlie Concentrated Share Fund is closed to new investors. 

If you would like to make any changes to your account please send your request directly to the Unit Registry:

Postal Address:
GPO Box 143
Sydney, NSW 2001
+61 2 9247 2822

Additional information and forms

Continuous Disclosure

Continuous Disclosure

A unit pricing error has been identified in The Airlie Concentrated Share Fund (the “Fund”). The error is the result of management and trustee fees (the “fees”) not being calculated and charged to the Fund in accordance with the Fund’s Constitution.

Magellan Asset Management Limited (“Magellan”), Responsible Entity to the Fund, has assessed the amount of compensation owed to all investors in the Fund. Compensation was assessed as payable to investors (relative to their holdings in the Fund) if actual fees paid by the Fund each month were greater than the fees that should have been charged.

All existing investors that were adversely impacted by the error have been compensated by Magellan by way of additional units in the Fund. The compensation to exited unit holders (who were adversely affected by $20 or more) has been funded by Magellan and includes an allowance for the time value of money. Magellan has sent written communication about the error to all investors that were adversely impacted.



Via email within 3 business days after the administrator has received your correctly completed Additional Investment Form and application money.  

An application is not complete until both cleared application money and a completed Additional Investment Form are received. If your correctly completed Additional Investment Form is received by 2pm on a business day in NSW and your application money is received as cleared funds by the close of business on that same day, your investment will receive the unit price calculated as at the close of business on that day.

During distribution periods (usually January/July) receipt of your confirmation statement may be delayed by 10-15 business days.

Additional application/redemption transaction confirmation - Via email, within 3 business days of the transaction being processed. During distribution periods (usually January / July) receipt of your confirmation statement may be delayed by 10 - 15 business days.

Monthly statement - Month-end holdings statements are sent via email within 10 business days of the end of month.

Distribution statement - Confirmation of the amount of distribution payable to your account, either in cash to your bank account or in the form of additional units reinvested to your account. Sent via email within 10-15 business days after each distribution.

Annual transaction statement - A list of all transactions on your account for the past financial year. Sent via email each July.

Tax statement - Sent in July each year via email.

Monthly Fund fact sheet - Sent via email, 12 business days after month end.

Daily unit prices - are available by 7pm daily on the website.  During distribution periods (usually January / July) calculation of daily unit prices may be delayed by 10 - 15 business days.

Mainstream Fund Services can accept your Additional Application Form via email, fax, or mail.

Any queries regarding your account should be sent to Mainstream Fund Services - or 1300 127 780.

Any instructions, such as applications/redemptions/changes of details should be sent directly to Mainstream Fund Services.

+61 2 9247 2822
Mainstream Fund Services - Unit Registry
GPO Box 143
Sydney NSW 2001

If you require assistance, please contact Mainstream Fund Services on 1300 127 780 or +61 2 8259 8566 (international) or 0800 787 621 (NZ).


Send a written instruction signed by the authorised signatory/signatories on the account. Please email, fax or mail the instruction directly to Mainstream Fund Services.  

Send your original written instructions signed by the authorised signatory/signatories on the account. You must include the following details on your instructions: 

  • Full name of your authorised representative 
  • Original specimen signature of the authorised representative you are appointing
  • Original certified identification of the authorised representative you are appointing 

Please mail the instruction directly to Mainstream Fund Services. As the originals need to be sighted for AML purposes, these cannot be faxed or emailed.

Please download the form here and please email, fax or post the instruction directly to Mainstream Fund Services.


Please download the form here and please email, fax or post the instruction directly to Mainstream Fund Services.

Please download the form here,or you may send a brief letter to Mainstream Fund Services stating you would like to make a redemption from your Airlie investment, and include the following details: 

  • Fund Name
  • Your Account Name and Number
  • Amount you wish to redeem - you must stipulate either the dollar amount of the redemption or the number of units to redeem. We will not accept redemption requests that ask us to calculate the redemption amount so that you retain a specific amount as a balance.
  • If you are redeeming in full please write “Full Redemption” or check the appropriate box on the form.
  • The instruction must be signed by the authorised signatory/signatories on the account.

Please email, fax or post the instruction directly to Mainstream Fund Services.

Note: The minimum redemption amount is $50,000.  We may require you to make a full redemption if you do not continue to meet the minimum holding amount for the fund ($400,000).