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16 Jan 2024

Airlie Quarterly Update

Emma Fisher provides her perspective on how the Australian equity market played out in 2023 and the outlook for the year ahead. Emma also discusses movements within the portfolio and the approach to position sizing.


Airlie Quarterly Update
Video Insights
16 Jan 2024

Airlie Quarterly Update

Emma Fisher provides her perspective on how the Australian equity market played out in 2023 and the outlook for the year ahead. Emma also discusses movements within the portfolio and the approach to position sizing.


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16 Jan 2024

Stock Story: Charter Hall

Underappreciated quality.

6 mins

23 Nov 2023

Podcast: Emma Fisher on Mineral Resources, PWR Holdings & Investor Psychology

Emma chats to Equity Mates about the psychology of investing, and provides a stock deep dive on Mineral Resources and PWR Holdings. (Listening time: 57 mins)

30 Oct 2023

Airlie National Briefings - Think like a business owner

Emma Fisher, Portfolio Manager and Joe Wright, Senior Investment Analyst explain why investors should think like a business owner, look through the negative headlines and take a look at a companies in the portfolio with a favourable growth prospects.


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17 Oct 2023

Airlie Quarterly Update

Emma Fisher, Portfolio Manager, chats to Airlie's Analysts Joe Wright and Jack McNally about their recent US trip and findings from their discussions with companies, Aristocrat, QBE and SANTOS which are holdings in the Airlie Australian Share Fund.


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16 Oct 2023

Stock Story: ResMed

A sound investment opportunity.

5 mins

06 Oct 2023

The Rules of Investing: Emma Fisher

Emma Fisher, Portfolio Manager, chats to Livewire markets about the current investment landscape, she explains why it pays to be bullish and provides her most outstanding idea on the ASX today.

48 mins

Airlie's Year InReview 2023

This year in the Airlie investor letter the team share insights on the complexity of investing and why it is important to separate the business from the share price. Emma talks stocks with two of the senior analysts and deep dives into how they performed through the year and we introduce you to the newly launched Airlie Small Companies Fund and Portfolio Manager, Will Granger.

Open Year InReview 2023

28 Jul 2023

Buy Hold Sell: 5 stocks with fantastic fundamentals

In the latest episode of Livewire's Buy Hold Sell - 5 stocks with fantastic fundamentals, Airlie Portfolio Manager, Will Granger joins Ben Rundle from Hayborough Investment Partners to answer questions and give their views on PWR Holdings, Baby Bunting, Beacon Lighting, EVT Limited and News Corp.

4 mins

30 Jun 2023

News Corp deep dive with Will Granger

Will Granger, Portfolio Manager of Airlie’s Small Companies Fund, recently spoke with Equity Mates about his newly launched Fund and takes an in-depth look at the giant media conglomerate News Corp. (Listening time: 37 mins)

19 Apr 2023

Airlie Quarterly Update

Emma Fisher, Portfolio Manager, provides her views on the current market environment and discusses her recent trip to Europe where she visited CSL and QBE Insurance, which are two holdings in the Airlie Australian Share Fund. 


19 Apr 2023

WesCEF site tour

 An opportunity in lithium.

5 mins

19 Apr 2023

Stock Story: QBE Insurance

Quality management and strong cycle leading business turnaround.

5 mins

03 Apr 2023

Do CSL and Mineral Resources still deserve "market darling" status?

Emma Fisher, Portfolio Manager, chats to Livewire Markets about two high conviction stocks, CSL and Mineral Resources.

4 mins

23 Feb 2023

Market chat with Emma Fisher

Emma Fisher, Portfolio Manager chats with Robert Goudie about investing in the current market conditions. 

58 mins

07 Mar 2023

John Sevior announces retirement

Magellan Financial Group Ltd (Magellan) advises that Mr. John Sevior, founder of Airlie Funds Management (Airlie), has announced his intention to retire in June 2023.
Read asx announcement 

19 Jan 2023

Airlie Quarterly Update

Emma Fisher, Portfolio Manager, reflects on the volatility of the past year and discusses Airlie's investment thesis behind a building products company which has been a recent addition to the portfolio. (Viewing time: 8 mins)

19 Jan 2023

Cycle is not a dirty word

Looking for opportunities as the cycle turns. (Reading time: 7 mins)

Airlie National Roadshow 2022

Beware the dominant narrative

13 Sep 2022

Under the hood of PWR with Kees Weel

In this interview, Emma Fisher joins co-founder and CEO of PWR, Kees Weel. Hear from Kees as he shares his views on why creating a strong culture drives success, how PWR’s roots in motorsports have opened the door to other opportunities and how the company is positioned for growth in the coming years. (Viewing time: 14 mins)

05 Sep 2022

CIO Profile with Emma Fisher

Emma Fisher, Airlie Portfolio Manager, sat down with James Marley co-founder of Livewire Markets, for a conversation on market cycles, where Airlie is finding opportunities and a few of the high-conviction ideas that the firm is backing. (Viewing time: 17 mins)

Welcome to Airlie's Inaugural InReview 2022

In this year’s annual collection of investment perspectives from the Airlie team, our portfolio managers and analysts discuss a range of topics from how to invest in these current extreme market conditions, to the long-term strength of most owner managed businesses and why Mineral Resources remains a Top 10 holding. You’ll also find our annual fund report, quarterly fund factsheet and much more.  

Open Airlie InReview 2022

11 Apr 2022

Airlie Insight: The dominant narrative of 2022 for stocks

The return of volatility could be it (Reading time: 5 mins)

5 mins

08 Apr 2022

Stock Story: Tabcorp

Spinning off the lotteries division is unlocking value.

5 mins

08 Mar 2022

Australian Equities - At The Crossroads?

After varying lengths of ever-lower interest rates, RBA asset-buying and benign inflation – all three are reversing course, resulting in increasingly volatile equity markets in 2022. Airlie Portfolio Manager, Matt Williams and Equities Analyst, Will Granger explore what this means for Australian equities. The pair analyse the latest February earnings season and provide insight into the Airlie Australian Share Fund (AASF) portfolio.


17 Jan 2022

Airlie Market Outlook, January 2022

Matt Williams, Portfolio Manager, offers his views on the year ahead, the challenges he sees for Australian companies and discusses investments in the portfolio. 


17 Jan 2022

Lithium - Where to From Here?

Airlie Analyst Joe Wright takes a look at the lithium industry and explains why the team at Airlie believe it is prudent that they have some form of lithium exposure in their portfolio.

8 mins

12 Nov 2021

Stock Story: Mineral Resources

The cheapest lithium stock in the market.

4 mins

18 Oct 2021

Stock Story: Seven Group

Hiding in plain sight?

4 mins

27 Aug 2021

The outlook is brighter than you think

LIVE BROADCAST: As lockdowns, uncertainty and fears of inflation abound, the Airlie investment team are focusing on the positive in the domestic outlook. Household and corporate balance sheets are in great shape, as we’ve seen in this August’s reporting season: companies are beginning to return a wall of cash to investors.

50 mins

27 Aug 2021

Finding the value in growth stocks

Emma Fisher, Airlie Portfolio Manager and Kelli Meagher from Sage Capital agree that finding growth at a reasonable price is a challenge in today's environment - but not impossible. In this Buy Hold Sell thematic discussion, James Marlay investigates the economic factors driving current valuations, how to identify growth names at an appropriate price and two names that our guest fundies think ticks these boxes.


27 Aug 2021

Buy Hold Sell: 5 durable growth stocks for your back pocket

In this episode of Buy Hold Sell, we put three popular growth darlings to the test. These include radiology IT software provider Pro Medicus, Australia's #1 employment marketplace SEEK, and global gambling company Aristocrat Leisure. Plus, Sage Capital's Kelli Meagher and Airlie Funds Management's Emma Fisher share two stocks that they believe can deliver double-digit earnings growth over the years ahead.


25 Aug 2021

Buy Hold Sell: 5 stocks the brokers are backing

In this episode of Buy Hold Sell, we've invited Airlie's Emma Fisher and Sage Capital's Kelli Meagher to share their thoughts on five stocks the brokers are backing. These include Star Entertainment Group, Bapcor, James Hardie, Ansell and Metcash, all of which receive resounding "buys" or "strong buys" from Australia's sell-side.


19 Aug 2021

Wealth of Experience: buybacks, profit results and survey results

Emma Fisher, Portfolio Manager of the Airlie Australian Share Fund, chats with Graham and Peter on the Wealth of Experience Podcast about some of Airlie's portfolio holdings including: PWR, Mineral Resources and Reece. 


Welcome to Airlie's Inaugural InReview 2021

The Airlie Australian Share Fund has had a stellar 12 months, returning 33.7% to June 30, outperforming the ASX200 by 5.9%. In this inaugural InReview, the investment team at Airlie provide their perspectives on the past year, what’s surprised them and what they are looking out for in the year ahead. Portfolio Manager Emma Fisher sat down with the CEO of portfolio holding Wesfarmers, Rob Scott, for a personal interview exploring the man behind the company, while analysts Terry Couper, Vinay Ranjan and Will Granger give their latest insights on investing in mining, retail and property stocks.  

Open Airlie InReview 2021

31 Jul 2021

In conversation with Rob Scott

For Wesfarmers, it's all about capital allocation. 


21 Jul 2021

Airlie Australian Share Fund – Annual market and fund update (July 2021)

It has undoubtedly been a strong year on local markets. The Airlie Australian Share Fund has equally had a solid year and consistently outperformed in both ‘value’ and ‘growth’ markets. Portfolio Manager, Emma Fisher, reviews the last 12 months, what surprised her and where she’s seeing opportunities going forward.

10 mins

01 Jul 2021

Livewire - The Rules of Investing

The ‘special’ stocks Emma Fisher is hitching the Airlie wagon to.

50 mins

19 Apr 2021

Where exactly are we in the recovery?

Emma Fisher, Airlie Portfolio Manager and Stuart Welch, Alphinity Investment Management discuss how they're positioning their portfolio's for the recovery and share one stock that they believe will emerge stronger post the COVID-19 crisis.

11 mins

20 Apr 2021

Airlie Quarterly Update

Matt Williams, Portfolio Manager offers his views on the recent value rotation in the market and provides an update on performance and the portfolio.

9 mins

15 Jul 2021

Stock Story: Charter Hall

An underappreciated REIT

3 mins

19 Apr 2021

Buy Hold Sell: 3 underperforming blue chips and 2 winners

Emma Fisher, Airlie Portfolio Manager and Stuart Welch, Alphinity Investment Management, provide their thoughts on three ASX darlings CSL, Brambles and Coles, that have underperformed recently and 2 stocks which they think have a favourable outlook.

4 mins

19 Apr 2021

Stock Story: Collins Foods

Did someone say KFC?

3 mins

01 Apr 2021

Buy Hold Sell: 5 stocks with cyclical tailwinds

Value investors are hailing the beginning of a new era, with many throwing their hard-earned cash at cyclical stocks, such as industrials and retailers, as pandemic conditions recede. Emma Fisher, Portfolio Manager, provides her thoughts on James Hardie, Harvey Norman, Super Retail Group, Mineral Resources and Incitec Pivot.

5 mins

10 Mar 2021

Live Webinar - Finding Hidden Value in Volatile Markets

Airlie Australian Share Fund portfolio managers, Matt Williams and Emma Fisher, discuss their proven investment framework for finding underappreciated quality or hidden value in businesses on the asx. They also dissect the latest interim results season and what its meant for their portfolios.

51 mins

11 Feb 2021

Equity Mates - Expert Investor: Emma Fisher

Emma Fisher, Portfolio Manager & Head of Research at Airlie Funds Management, recently chatted to Equity Mates and answered a range of investing questions, including her current views on the markets and personal investment strategy.

53 mins

19 Jan 2021

Airlie Quarterly Update - December 2020

Emma Fisher, Co-Portfolio Manager of the Airlie Australian Share Fund, talks to Jennifer Herbert about the stocks that drove the Fund’s outperformance in 2020, including Mineral Resources, Wesfarmers and Credit Corp, and provides an update on Australian banks, as well as an outlook for 2021. 

17 mins

19 Jan 2021

Stock Story: Healius

A healthcare company that's shrinking to greatness.

2 mins

14 Oct 2020

Where are Australian shares headed?

Matt Williams discusses the outlook for the Australian share market and tells which companies are set to benefit most from the federal government’s budget stimulus.

14 mins

13 Oct 2020

Stock Story: Premier Investments

A retailer adapting to the pandemic.

5 min

12 Oct 2020

Buy Hold Sell: Seven stocks for offense and defense

Matt Williams joins Livewire's Vishal Teckchandani and Sean Fenton from Sage Capital to discuss 7 stocks that may provide offense and defense in your portfolio.

5 mins

09 Oct 2020

Buy Hold Sell: Four beaten down sectors

Matt Williams joins Livewire's Vishal Teckchandani and Sean Fenton from Sage Capital to discuss beaten down sectors that might present attractive opportunities.

12 mins

04 Sep 2020

Results Season, Done - Now What? - Live Webinar

Matt Williams reviews the recent results season which was predicted to be the ‘least helpful’ in assessing company’s balance sheet health and growth outlooks. But was it? What have we learnt? What have been the surprises and opportunities, which companies have Airlie continued to invest in, and why?

44 min

19 Aug 2020

Matt Williams chats with Commsec's Tom Piotrowski

Matt Williams, Portfolio Manager of the Airlie Australian Share Fund, chats with Tom Piotrowski from Commsec. The pair discuss investment themes that have emerged during the covid-19 crisis and the outlook for the big four banks and the resources sector.

14 min

15 Jul 2020

Stock Story: Macquarie Group

This high-quality asset manager is better braced for these difficult times than it was during the GFC.

5 min

11 Jun 2020

Airlie Australian Share Fund - Live Webinar

Magellan’s CEO, Dr Brett Cairns, discusses the next generation of Active ETFs, with Airlie's new one-unit structure. Airlie portfolio manager, Matt Williams, provides an update on how the Fund has performed during covid-19 and what changes have been made to the portfolio. The video includes audience Q&A.

43 min

05 May 2020

Stock Story: BHP Billiton

A world-class company going cheaply.

4 min

17 Apr 2020

Positioning to ride out the pandemic

Matt Williams discusses where the team sees value after the recent market volatility from the Covid-19 crisis.

17 min

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16 Apr 2019

Stock Story: Coles

Independent again and set to benefit from a more favourable industry climate.

6 min

07 Feb 2020

Buy Hold Sell: 5 most tipped big-caps

Matt Williams, Portfolio Manager from Airlie Funds Management and Jun Bei Liu from Tribeca Investment Partners, share their thoughts on some Australian big-cap stocks.

7 min

03 Feb 2020

Buy Hold Sell: 3 most tipped small-caps and 2 fundie favourites

Matt Williams from Airlie Funds Management and Jun Bei Liu from Tribeca Investment Partners, share their thoughts on a few small-cap stocks.

7 min

20 Jan 2020

Value opportunities in 2020

Airlie Portfolio Manager, Emma Fisher, discusses where the team sees value in 2020 and puts a spotlight on stocks including Mineral Resources and CSL.

9 min

15 Oct 2019

Airlie quarterly update

Matt Williams assess the recent reporting season, why Airlie’s portfolio stocks performed well over the past quarter and gives his outlook for Australian stocks.

8 min

09 Jul 2019

The three forces driving Australian stocks to record highs

The reelection of the Liberal-National coalition and rate cuts are two obvious ones. The other is a little-known decision by APRA.

9 min

15 Apr 2019

Value opportunities in domestic cyclicals

Industry structure is key.

09 Jan 2019

Fund update and 2019 outlook

Matt Williams, Portfolio manager discusses the Funds first 6 months, what changes have been made and the outlook for the Australian market in 2019. (Recorded December 2018)

8 min

09 Jan 2019

Stock Story: Origin Energy

In our view, Origin’s financial strength and business quality are set to improve, neither of which is reflected in the current valuation of 9.5x PE.

09 Jan 2019

Your Money - Hearts and minds interview

Emma Goodsell interviewed at Hearts and minds.

09 Jan 2019

Emma Goodsell on Reece

Emma Goodsell presenting Reece at hearts and minds conference, November 2018.

15 Oct 2018

Stock Story: James Hardie

James Hardie is a rare find: a building products manufacturer with pricing power.

05 Oct 2018

Buy Hold Sell: Where is the value?

Jeremy Hook from TMS Capital hosts Matt Williams from Airlie Funds Management and Rhett Kessler, to hear where they think the value lies. In addition, each of the panellists nominates one stock that they believe offers compelling value.

05 Oct 2018

Risks and opportunities of a leadership change

With a potential change in Federal government on the horizon, in this thematic discussion, we sat down with Matt Williams from Airlie Funds Management and Rhett Kessler to ask what it means for investors. Will new leadership bring big changes, or will it ultimately be ‘more bark than bite’?

05 Oct 2018

Buy Hold Sell: 5 superior growth stocks

Peter Lynch once said, “Time is on your side when you own shares of superior companies.” The challenge of course is to own those superior companies at a reasonable price. In this episode of Buy Hold Sell we’ve asked two investors with strong valuation disciplines to run five of Australia’s superior growth stocks through their selection process.

Airlie Australia Share Fund Roadshow 2018

The team will outline what makes this Fund stand out in a crowd, how they assess today’s Australian investment landscape and their process for selecting the ~25 stocks in their ‘best ideas’ portfolio.

30 May 2018

Reinvestment needs versus reinvestment opportunities

Analysis along these lines explains why CSL has outshone Telstra.