• Stock Story 29 Jan 2019

    Stock Story: Nick Scali

    Matt Williams tells us why Airlie Funds Management likes the future growth outlook for furniture retailer, Nick Scali.

  • Video Insights 09 Jan 2019

    Fund update and 2019 outlook

    Matt Williams, Portfolio manager discusses the Funds first 6 months, what changes have been made and the outlook for the Australian market in 2019. (Recorded December 2018, Full viewing time: 8 min)

  • Stock Story 09 Jan 2019

    Stock Story: Origin Energy

    In our view, Origin’s financial strength and business quality are set to improve, neither of which is reflected in the current valuation of 9.5x PE.

  • Video Insights 09 Jan 2019

    Your Money - Hearts and minds interview

    Emma Goodsell interviewed at Hearts and minds.

  • Stock Story 09 Jan 2019

    Reece - Hearts and minds

    Emma Goodsell presenting Reece at hearts and minds conference, November 2018.

  • Investment Insights 30 Sep 2018

    The advantages of owner-managed businesses

    Management’s core focus, long-term thinking and conservative approach can pay off for investors.

  • Video Insights 15 Oct 2018

    Emma Goodsell 'Meet The Manager'

    Emma Goodsell, Deputy PM at Airlie, talks to Livewire about the key business attributes Airlie looks for when investing, how CSL was included in a ‘value’ portfolio and what it is like working with industry veterans John Sevior and Matt Williams. 

  • Stock Story 15 Oct 2018

    Stock Story: James Hardie

    James Hardie is a rare find: a building products manufacturer with pricing power.

  • Video Insights 05 Oct 2018

    Buy Hold Sell: Where is the value?

    Jeremy Hook from TMS Capital hosts Matt Williams from Airlie Funds Management and Rhett Kessler, to hear where they think the value lies. In addition, each of the panellists nominates one stock that they believe offers compelling value.

  • Video Insights 05 Oct 2018

    Risks and opportunities of a leadership change

    With a potential change in Federal government on the horizon, in this thematic discussion, we sat down with Matt Williams from Airlie Funds Management and Rhett Kessler to ask what it means for investors. Will new leadership bring big changes, or will it ultimately be ‘more bark than bite’?

  • Video Insights 05 Oct 2018

    Buy Hold Sell: 5 superior growth stocks

    Peter Lynch once said, “Time is on your side when you own shares of superior companies.” The challenge of course is to own those superior companies at a reasonable price. In this episode of Buy Hold Sell we’ve asked two investors with strong valuation disciplines to run five of Australia’s superior growth stocks through their selection process.

  • Airlie Australia Share Fund Roadshow 2018

    The team will outline what makes this Fund stand out in a crowd, how they assess today’s Australian investment landscape and their process for selecting the ~25 stocks in their ‘best ideas’ portfolio.

  • Investment Insights 30 May 2018

    Reinvestment needs versus reinvestment opportunities

    Analysis along these lines explains why CSL has outshone Telstra.