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  1. Complete the Application Form & CRS Form(s) (if applicable)
    You will be guided by the Application Form as to which CRS form(s) to complete.

  2. Send application form to Apex Group
    Apex Group - Unit Registry
    GPO Box 143
    Sydney NSW 2001

Or Email the application form to

Temporary processes available during COVID-19

Magellan accepts initial direct investments from individuals with a minimum of $10,000. You can apply by downloading the application form above.

Investment Insights

Video Insights

Airlie Quarterly Update

Emma Fisher provides insights into key takeaways from reporting season as well as market sentiment. Emma also discusses new opportunities in the portfolio and touches on the healthcare sector and how she assesses it. (Viewing time: 14 mins)

Video Insights

Airlie Small Companies Quarterly Update

The Airlie Small Companies fund has reached its one-year anniversary, Portfolio Manager Will Granger talks us through what has contributed to the Fund’s success so far, what has been driving the market over the last 12 months and where he is seeing current opportunities.  (Viewing time: 8 mins)

Stock Story

Stock Story: Ampol

Fuelling the economy from a strong position. (Reading time: 6 mins)